Friday, June 12, 2009

Mysterious disappearance of an Indian nuclear scientist

This is like straight out of an X-Files episode.

An Indian nuclear scientist named Mahalingam has gone missing from near his workplace which is a nuclear power station in southern India. As per sources, the scientist had gone out for a morning jog and didn't turn up. There are no clues or indication as to his whereabouts. He didn't even have his wallet on him. The country's premier security agencies like the IB,RAW and CBI are now conducting a thorough search for him. Where could he have gone and what has happened to him?

Here are a few explanations for his disappearance:

1. Abducted by the CIA: He must have been abducted by the CIA or Mossad in order to gauge India's nuclear capabilities. The nuclear plant was one of India's most modern and sophisticated.
Was it also being used for the development of weapons grade uranium or Plutonium?

2. Abducted by an enemy country: Here the chief suspects would be Pakistan and China, both of whom have enough reason to fear India's growing nuclear capabilities.

3. Murdered in a family dispute: The behavior of his family was very strange after his disapperance. They apparently didnt show enough signs of sadness or anxiousness as the family of a missing person would usually be expected to display. If so, where is the body?

4. Suicide: Why? And again, where is the body?

5. Gave out secrets to a foreign power and has been granted asylum: If this is the case, then its not the first time this is happening. Many Indian scientists in the past have suddenly left the country and have taken Indian secrets with them to foreign nations. Then the behavior of his family also seems consistent. Maybe even they are planning to leave soon.
As the coast was close to the location of the nuclear power station, it would be easy to leave the country by sea.

6. Abducted by aliens: Strange and outlandish, but could be true. Maybe aliens are planning to prevent humans from continuing to use nuclear power. Maybe this was the beginning of a long spate of kidnappings across the world.

While these are only theories, I still wish he returns safe and sound to his family and loved ones.

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