Monday, July 6, 2009

Michael Jackson's ghost sighted in Neverland ranch?

Ok people...Now this is the hot story doing the rounds....

The ghost of Michael Jackson has supposedly been sighted in his neverland ranch. The video has made it to youtube also.

Is it Michael Jackson's ghost or just a one of the TV crew walking around....

Looks like the mysterious aura surrounding Michael Jackson just grew larger after his death.

The youtube video can be seen here.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mysteries surrounding Michael Jackson's death

Micheal Jackson was an enigma when he was alive. Whacko, wierd, crazy, eccentric were some of the adjectives used to describe him. And even in death, this has not changed.

From the autopsy report which called him bald and without a proper nose to the number of theories that seem to have cropped up now. Lets examine some of these theories here.

1. Michael was an alien and he has gone back now:

The seeds for this theory were planted in the 90's when MJ said that he wanted to buy land to build of all alien space port or airport as he called it. To top it off, he apparently referred to himself as an alien many times. And his behavior didnt help make things any better.

2. UFO's spotted over Neverland ranch..did aliens kidnap him or come to collect his body?

Ok So he was human and aliens kidnapped him and took him away. He is still in their craft which is now hovering for a few days to see the reaction to his "death" and then he will taken away to their planet millions of light years away.
Or maybe he died, and the aliens came to collect his body as he was a one of a kind human specimen.
I mean if you are an alien and want to study a strange human specimen, then can it get better than Michaeal's body. A million plastic surgeries, a billion injection pricks, color changing operations, a fake nose. You name it and he's got it.

And its a fact about the UFO's and strange lights. Many have been sighted by various witnesses near Neverland ranch.

3. He faked his own death and disappeared:

Face it....Millions of dollars in debts and unpaid bills, 50 concerts planned out of which he could not even perform one at his present physical condition. So what can he do? Plan an elaborate hoax...fake his death and disappear...maybe to Bahrain or the middle east where reclusive and rich mullahs and sheikhs would love to shelter him. Whacko Jacko was a muslim after all. So if you are in Bahrain or the middle east and you run into a burkha clad lady who seems wierd, it may be Michaeal Jackson after all.

4. His remains will be frozen cryogenically and he will be back in 2200?

Remember those reports that Michael Jackson sleept in a hyperbaric chamber to preserve his youth. Could such a man take it one step ahead and actually plan to be frozen when dead and "thawed" a few hundred years later when science is capable to bring him back to life?

P.S: No disrespect to the great entertainer. May his soul rest in peace. But this was an attempt for a light hearted take on his death and the mysteries surrounding it and a departure from the last few serious posts.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Mysterious disappearance of an Indian nuclear scientist

This is like straight out of an X-Files episode.

An Indian nuclear scientist named Mahalingam has gone missing from near his workplace which is a nuclear power station in southern India. As per sources, the scientist had gone out for a morning jog and didn't turn up. There are no clues or indication as to his whereabouts. He didn't even have his wallet on him. The country's premier security agencies like the IB,RAW and CBI are now conducting a thorough search for him. Where could he have gone and what has happened to him?

Here are a few explanations for his disappearance:

1. Abducted by the CIA: He must have been abducted by the CIA or Mossad in order to gauge India's nuclear capabilities. The nuclear plant was one of India's most modern and sophisticated.
Was it also being used for the development of weapons grade uranium or Plutonium?

2. Abducted by an enemy country: Here the chief suspects would be Pakistan and China, both of whom have enough reason to fear India's growing nuclear capabilities.

3. Murdered in a family dispute: The behavior of his family was very strange after his disapperance. They apparently didnt show enough signs of sadness or anxiousness as the family of a missing person would usually be expected to display. If so, where is the body?

4. Suicide: Why? And again, where is the body?

5. Gave out secrets to a foreign power and has been granted asylum: If this is the case, then its not the first time this is happening. Many Indian scientists in the past have suddenly left the country and have taken Indian secrets with them to foreign nations. Then the behavior of his family also seems consistent. Maybe even they are planning to leave soon.
As the coast was close to the location of the nuclear power station, it would be easy to leave the country by sea.

6. Abducted by aliens: Strange and outlandish, but could be true. Maybe aliens are planning to prevent humans from continuing to use nuclear power. Maybe this was the beginning of a long spate of kidnappings across the world.

While these are only theories, I still wish he returns safe and sound to his family and loved ones.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Jersey Devil of New Jersey

The Jersey devil is a cryptid creature rumored to be living in the forest areas of New Jersey. It remains to be one of the most puzzling mysteries of the last few decades which has yet to see a conclusive resolution.

Many people have claimed to see it and this included people from all walks of life. The very nature of the creature's existence and sightings has made a popular figure in pop culture so far as to lending its name to the New Jersey hockey team in the NHL.

There have been many stories and theories about the Jersey devil but the most famous story was that of a lady named "Mother Leeds". The story said that she had 12 children and a curse(or a superstition) went about that if she had another child(her 13th one), then that child would be the devil himself. And so the 13th child was born and he was born as a normal human child but then suddenly transformed into a creature with hooves, a horse's head, bat wings and a forked tail. He flew away but not before killing the midwife who helped deliver him. The story goes on to talk say that mother Leeds was a witch in reality and that the townfolk along with religious leaders conducted prayers to drive away the devil for some time. But it returned and has taken sanctuary in the Pine Barren forests of New Jersey ever since.

There was a rumor that the devil was caught in the early 1900's. Here are some newspapers clippings of that era and a few pics.

Other Explanations:

Some kind of wild owl or a huge bat.
Some people also say its extra terrestrial in origin.
While others says its just a hoax. Well the truth is out there!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Who or what is the mothman?

It is a supernatural creature believed to be seen in and around the state of Virginia.

People describe the Mothman as a winged man-sized creature with large reflective red eyes and large moth-like wings while others say it has no head, with its eyes set into its chest.
This is how it is supposed to look like.
The mothman has been the subject of widespread popularity and discussion. While some have claimed that the creature chased them down, others say that the creature simply stood there without doing any harm to them.

People ranging from police officers, laymen and influential figures have claimed to have seen this mythical creature. Many books have been written on the subject and some films have been made, most importantly the "Mothman prophecies" which starred Richard Gere.

So what and who is the moth man? A supernatutal creature, the devil, an alien or a govt experiment gone wrong or just a hoax. The conspiracy theorists have many explanations but the real truth is out there.

For more reading...

Some images:

Friday, June 5, 2009

Was a chupacabra killed in Texas in 2007?

Read the following report from the Victoria Advocate:

The legend of the Cuero chupacabra is alive and well.

The National Geographic Channel has scheduled a visit to Phylis Canion's DeWitt County ranch to see the beast first hand for a planned special later this year.

A crew from National Geographic is coming on June 22 and plans to stay for 10 days, Canion said. She has been told that the network wants to send tissue samples of the animal to Texas Tech University in Lubbock for study by an expert.

Canion first came across what she dubbed a chupacabra in July 2007.

It had been hit by a vehicle and killed just outside her ranch.

Since that time it has been identified as a coyote crossed with a Mexican wolf and has generated worldwide publicity, including specials on the History Channel and Animal Planet, and has been featured on TRU TV and Most Shocking. The Discovery Channel also plans a special. Media from England, Italy, Japan and the Netherlands have also carried stories on the chupacabra.

Canion continues to get phone calls and e-mails daily about the animal and has sold about 38,000 chupacabra T-shirts.

The merchandise line now includes caps, koozies, signs, charms, pendants, and soon to come, belt buckles.

Now what is a chupacabra?

It is a legendary cryptozoological creature(creature believed to exist but no proof so far) which reportedly haunts many farming areas in North America and other parts of the world routinely attacking farm animals and also human beings. The name is taken from Spanish for "goat sucker" since most anumal victims were goats.

There are only theories and wild stories in circulation but the chupacabra is one of modern day's most tantalizing mysteries. Does such a beast exist or is it just a hoax?

Some pics/drawings on what a chupacabra looks like.

Scary or what???

Thursday, June 4, 2009

India: Eat human flesh in rituals to find hidden treasure

This is really wierd and strange. Read for yourself, the following article from the Times of India.
In what could be termed as an advanced form of banamati or sifli ilm, members of a nameless sect have made eating human flesh a part of the pujas they perform to find hidden treasures.

The human flesh comes in a package along with other articles required for a special puja. The samagri, as the package is called, which includes a 100 gm piece of roasted human flesh, is reportedly supplied to members of the sect through some agents in Hyderabad. "Maas to samagri ke sath hi aati hai (the flesh comes with the samagri)," Boudhey, a member of the secret sect, told The Times of India.

Boudhey is presently involved in a puja on the periphery of Dadgi village in Humnabad taluk of Bidar district. Though the sect is still in the initial stages of formation, its practices are considered much more dangerous than banamati and sifli ilm, the two notorious forms of black magic in the area that falls in the erstwhile Hyderabad state. Most of the members of this new sect reportedly hail from Hyderabad, Medak and Bidar districts.

But as the special puja must be performed only at a secluded place, they hire houses in small villages in Medak and Bidar districts. Most times, they are forced to leave the place once the villagers learn about their activities. In some instances, alleged performers of this weird ritual have been killed by villagers on suspicion of being practitioners of banamati.

Since 1999, seven such suspected practitioners were killed by villagers in Medak district while 12 others were forced to leave the villages. Despite resistance, followers of new sect manage to rent small houses to perform the puja. The 40-day ritual, it is learnt, starts on a new moon day which falls on a Sunday. At the conclusion of the puja, they believe, a supernatural figure that looks exactly like the person performing the puja appears and leads him to the hidden treasure.

But to ensure success in the puja the ritual performer has to eat human flesh. If he fails in the first attempt, another puja of the same duration is conducted, this time with a greater quantity of flesh.

The first incident that gave rise to suspicions of human flesh-eating practice came to light about six months ago in Hallargaon village in Bidar district. Some villagers stormed the house of a person in the village on suspicion that he was practising `banamati. They were shocked to find a few human bones and pieces of roasted flesh. "He was an outsider and he never returned to the village," Abdul Haneef, a villager said.

Please note the word "banamati". Chances are you will be seeing and learning more about it in future posts in this blog. Its a form of black magic practiced in southern India. Everything from revenge against somebody to treasure hunting is rumored to be possible with the help of banamati. Wierd superstition or fact? You decide.

Was flight AF447 downed in the Bermuda Triangle?

This is the belief of many people who say that this plane disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle.
But the plane was no where near the Triangle. Now the conspiracy theorists claim its actually a Bermuda quadrilateral at work here.

There has been no trace of the plane's debris so far. Where did those 200+ people disappear. Kidnapped by aliens or the victims of old machinery belonging to the Atlanteans which still continues to operate from the depths of the ocean. Or were they all killed when the plane crashed into the river. 1000's of theories but no answers as of now.

UFO's seen all over London

We start off this blog with this latest report on UFO's being sighted in Britain on the 4th of June 2009.

What are these.... UFO's or a top secret military project of the British?

The Times says:

Engineer Paul Slight was the latest person to see them. He took this dramatic picture as he biked home to Lincoln.

Paul, 54, said: "There were 26 at first, darting between each other like they were playing a game. After that seven more arrived from the right and weaved through the crowd of lights like strange aircraft."

The lights first appeared on Merseyside on May 25. Some said they were UFOs, some thought they could be military. Two days later, on the other side of the country, they were spotted in Cambridgeshire.

Auberon and Suzi Hedgecoe, who run a guest house in Huntingdon, were spellbound when about 50 glowing mystery beams shot through the sky.

There have been reports of similar phenomena in Cornwall, Manchester and Holland. Phil Hoyle, from the UK-based UFO Investigation Unit, said: "If they dodged and darted around each other it would indicate intelligent movement."

And the skeptics are quick to respond too...

But Malcolm Robinson, of Strange Phenomenon Investigations, had a different explanation. He said: "I am sorry to disappoint but these are Chinese lanterns.

"It's all to do with the hot weather. There has been a vast increase in barbecues and people tend to set off Chinese lanterns at these events. They are basically papier mache devices which fly up into the sky."

The way I see it, those can't be Chinese lanterns. What are they?