Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mysteries surrounding Michael Jackson's death

Micheal Jackson was an enigma when he was alive. Whacko, wierd, crazy, eccentric were some of the adjectives used to describe him. And even in death, this has not changed.

From the autopsy report which called him bald and without a proper nose to the number of theories that seem to have cropped up now. Lets examine some of these theories here.

1. Michael was an alien and he has gone back now:

The seeds for this theory were planted in the 90's when MJ said that he wanted to buy land to build of all alien space port or airport as he called it. To top it off, he apparently referred to himself as an alien many times. And his behavior didnt help make things any better.

2. UFO's spotted over Neverland ranch..did aliens kidnap him or come to collect his body?

Ok So he was human and aliens kidnapped him and took him away. He is still in their craft which is now hovering for a few days to see the reaction to his "death" and then he will taken away to their planet millions of light years away.
Or maybe he died, and the aliens came to collect his body as he was a one of a kind human specimen.
I mean if you are an alien and want to study a strange human specimen, then can it get better than Michaeal's body. A million plastic surgeries, a billion injection pricks, color changing operations, a fake nose. You name it and he's got it.

And its a fact about the UFO's and strange lights. Many have been sighted by various witnesses near Neverland ranch.

3. He faked his own death and disappeared:

Face it....Millions of dollars in debts and unpaid bills, 50 concerts planned out of which he could not even perform one at his present physical condition. So what can he do? Plan an elaborate hoax...fake his death and disappear...maybe to Bahrain or the middle east where reclusive and rich mullahs and sheikhs would love to shelter him. Whacko Jacko was a muslim after all. So if you are in Bahrain or the middle east and you run into a burkha clad lady who seems wierd, it may be Michaeal Jackson after all.

4. His remains will be frozen cryogenically and he will be back in 2200?

Remember those reports that Michael Jackson sleept in a hyperbaric chamber to preserve his youth. Could such a man take it one step ahead and actually plan to be frozen when dead and "thawed" a few hundred years later when science is capable to bring him back to life?

P.S: No disrespect to the great entertainer. May his soul rest in peace. But this was an attempt for a light hearted take on his death and the mysteries surrounding it and a departure from the last few serious posts.

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