Friday, June 5, 2009

Was a chupacabra killed in Texas in 2007?

Read the following report from the Victoria Advocate:

The legend of the Cuero chupacabra is alive and well.

The National Geographic Channel has scheduled a visit to Phylis Canion's DeWitt County ranch to see the beast first hand for a planned special later this year.

A crew from National Geographic is coming on June 22 and plans to stay for 10 days, Canion said. She has been told that the network wants to send tissue samples of the animal to Texas Tech University in Lubbock for study by an expert.

Canion first came across what she dubbed a chupacabra in July 2007.

It had been hit by a vehicle and killed just outside her ranch.

Since that time it has been identified as a coyote crossed with a Mexican wolf and has generated worldwide publicity, including specials on the History Channel and Animal Planet, and has been featured on TRU TV and Most Shocking. The Discovery Channel also plans a special. Media from England, Italy, Japan and the Netherlands have also carried stories on the chupacabra.

Canion continues to get phone calls and e-mails daily about the animal and has sold about 38,000 chupacabra T-shirts.

The merchandise line now includes caps, koozies, signs, charms, pendants, and soon to come, belt buckles.

Now what is a chupacabra?

It is a legendary cryptozoological creature(creature believed to exist but no proof so far) which reportedly haunts many farming areas in North America and other parts of the world routinely attacking farm animals and also human beings. The name is taken from Spanish for "goat sucker" since most anumal victims were goats.

There are only theories and wild stories in circulation but the chupacabra is one of modern day's most tantalizing mysteries. Does such a beast exist or is it just a hoax?

Some pics/drawings on what a chupacabra looks like.

Scary or what???

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