Sunday, March 16, 2014

What happened to Malaysian Airlines 370?

The disappearance of Malaysian Airlines 370 has been one of the biggest aviation mysteries to date.
Not a single verifiable clue has been left to pin point its current location. The Malaysian authorities have made matters worse by releasing contradictory information which has left the search and rescue teams no closer to their goal of finding where the plane is at.

The internet has been rife with all kinds of conspiracy and crazy theories about the plane. Let us look at some of these theories because sometimes the facts are stranger than fiction!
Please take all of these with a grain of salt.

Pic courtesy: Daily mail

1. The plane was hijacked and diverted elsewhere.
The two pilots of the plane have been under scrutiny now. The main pilot was an aviation buff and also built his own flight simulator at home. But he was described as a man of duty and integrity by his friends and peers. The co pilot did raise some eye brows when an Australian lady said that this pilot had invited her and her friends into the cockpit on an earlier flight. We also know that in the past, pilots have been known to crash their plane intentionally.

Then there is also the mystery of the stolen passports. Two Iranian men were in possession of these passports but they did not seem to have any links with terror organizations. 
If the plane was indeed diverted by either the pilots or some passengers, why was it done?

a. The plane was crashed into the water.
The pilots could have crashed the plane into the Indian ocean or the hijackers must have done it. Also a scuffle inside the cockpit could have led to the plane losing control and plunging into the deep Indian ocean. 

b. A 9/11 styled attack went bad.
Based on the last know trajectory, the plane could have either headed towards India or some other country. What if the plane was meant to hit some building or target in a 9/11 style attack. But due to either an accident or scuffle, perhaps the plane crashed into the ocean.

c. The plane landed in a remote island and will be used for a future attack?
TV shows like "Lost" and "Arrow" are based on remote islands where survivors live for years together without anybody rescuing them. Could the plane have been captured by a terror gang or a rich warlord. 
A remote island in the Indian Ocean could have been used to build a quick runway for the plane. They could also have built camouflaged hangars to keep the plane hidden. Perhaps for a future attack or some nefarious purpose. 
Who could have done this? Terror Groups, Rogue governments like North Korea etc.

2.  The plane went into another dimension/ abducted by aliens
Lot of conspiracy theorists believe that sometimes there could be portals that lead to other dimensions or planes of existence. Could such portals or wormholes exist? Perhaps it was a coincidence that one portal opened up when the plane was passing over that area.

Further more, was such a portal created by a top secret military experiment by countries such as USA or China? 

Or what if Aliens had something to do with this? A huge Boeing 777 has gone missing without a trace. Who else could pull this feat off if not for highly intelligent extra terrestrials?

3. The plane was involved in an experiment to test cloaking. 
If you have watched "Star Wars", you know what I am talking about. A"cloaking device" renders a spacecraft invisible. This is also depicted in the movie "The Avengers". An Austin based company called "Freescale Semiconductor" had about 20 employees on this plane. Some conspiracy theorists are already taking about some kind of radar evading technology that could have been used here.  

4. Supernatural?
Many relatives have mentioned that they could call their loved one's cellphones and heard them ringing. Some even mentioned that the passengers were online on Chinese chat messengers. Did something out of the paranormal capture this aircraft?

These are some of the theories. As of today (16th March 2014), we still have no real clue as to what happened to flight MH370. Remember we are dealing with the potential loss of 240 lives on this aircraft. Their families and loved ones are current going through hell as there has not been any closure of any kind. 
These theories apart, I wish and pray that we hear some good news about the plane. After all miracles do happen. 

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