Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ghostly experiences - 1

Dear readers, I have decided to post some real life experiences of mine as well as those which were reocunted by friends. Most of these incidents are from India. I will not claim them to be the absolute truth. But they do make you think about the unseen world. 

By the way, I myself am not fully convinced about the existence of Ghosts in the manner that we are thought to believe. Are these simply a spiritual reenactment or are these really the souls of the dead? Or are these just demons or evil spirits? My research so far has led me to tilt to the last possibility but all of us should understand things and make our opinions for ourself.

This incident is an incident of mine. It happened nearly 12 years ago in the South Indian coastal city of Mangalore. 

A bunch of relatives including my uncles, aunts and cousins had converged at Mangalore; where our grandparents lived. The house was actually in a town called Surathkal. It was a large house surrounding by a nice garden on all four sides. It was a good reunion and all of us had a great time just catching up with each other and hanging out doing the routine family bonding stuff. 

The middle portion of the house acted as the living quarters. A small guest bedroom facing this west side and a bigger master bedroom in the middle. Most of us used to sleep in the middle bedroom while one aunt slept in the guest bedroom. There was a single bed there and above it was a window. That window faced out to a paddy field which was a little far away from our house and in the midst of that field was a very old temple and locals used to speak in hushed tones about strange things happening there and that one should never venture out at late hours in the night around those parts. 

The "cursed" window from outside(Pic taken in 2006).

The paddy field and temple(Pic taken in 2006).

One of those nights was exceptionally hot and humid, Mangalore being a coastal city. At some point during the night, my aunt let out a terrifying scream. Most of us woke up, some went to see her. I was pretty tired that night, having spent most of my time in the day near the railway tracks that were being laid nearby. That went on to be part of the "Konkan railway" project. 

Anyway, in the morning the facts were clear as to why my aunt supposedly screamed. She was sleeping on that bed on her back. She had kept the window open because it was hot. The window would have been just inches above her next region and she could even see outside to some extent. According to her, at some point during the night (around 2 am)
she woke up feeling uncomfortable. As she opened her eyes, she saw a woman standing right outside the window and staring sternly at her. She was terrified and rightly so..Who would'nt?

Just writing this gives me the chills. She was frozen for a moment and then gathered all of her energy to let out that scream which woke most of us. She had closed her eyes and by the time she had opened them, that woman was gone. Listening to this, I was scared out of my wits. For the next few nights nobody slept there. That window was shut tight. 

My grandmother made light of the issue. But something told me that she was perhaps hiding something from us. From the time I used to visit that place, I always felt the chills even walking around that place after 7 PM. 

In 2008, when I visited my grandmother I had to sleep in that room. I did not have the guts to sleep on my back nor open that window. It did help as the glass on the window was opaque and also the curtains were closed. I slept on my stomach and inside the bed sheet. 
Needless to say, I was praying till I fell asleep.

Exactly what was it that my aunt saw that night?Was it a ghost/evil spirit trying to warn us about something? Or was it her imagination? Why did I feel restless and fearful in that room and generally about that side of the house? Psychological or truly supernatural. I don't know yet but I do hope to find out some day. 

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  1. You told me about this incident in 2007!!!And I still get goosebumps whenever i read it

  2. I know. This is the single most greatest paranormal incident that I have almost faced in real life.

  3. coastal towns are known for such stories

  4. Once we had been to MurdeshwARA - with whole family and stayed in a hotel - in the middle of the night a handlike structure peeped in through the window covered by the curtains - i was in 7th standard and i thought it was just wind - but apparently it Wasn'nt - it had different stories

  5. Yeah, I remember u telling me this Story. Lets go to Mangalore some time, I would like to sleep in this room alone some time ;)

  6. Also I would like to record this window on my DSLR and review next day morning, like they show in Paranormal Activity ;)

  7. my guest. We should do this the next time I come to India perhaps.

    @Santosh....Wow this is a story I need more details.

  8. Hello Calvin!

    read your account above. being immensely interested in all things that generally don't seem too obvious on the physical plane of existence (esoterism, metaphysics, spirituality, afterlife, etc. you name it, and am interested!), i found your experience really intriguing, and really scary as well. would like to know did you happen to encounter anything related to this after the above incident, or know whether someone else went through a similar experience?

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  10. @Unknown...Stay tuned for more such incidents. I will update this blog regularly henceforth.