Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bhangarh fort 2 - India's most haunted place

Dear readers, the most popular post in my blog remains my old post about Bhangarh.
Since that was an older post and did not contain much information, I thought it best to revisit this topic with a much better analysis of this place.

Ghost stories and haunted places have no dearth in India. Yet Bhangarh has managed to stay on top with respect to being the most feared and popular haunted place. I think most of the horror and fear is accentuated because of the warning board put up by the Archaeological Society of India(ASI).
I mean when the government itself says "Get the hell out after sunset"..what else can you hope for?
The board basically says "Entering the borders of Bhangarh before sunrise and after sunset is strictly prohibited."

Some pics of this dreaded place:
Dare to enter inside???

I have not personally visited Bhangarh but want to in the near future and that will definitely be posted here. But the following should give you all the basic information you need about Bhangarh.

1. Bhangarh is a town (actually ruins) in the northern state of Rajasthan in India. There is a great fort here(actually ruins of a fort) which is supposed to be haunted.

2. It was ruled in the 1600's by the relatives of the general(Man Singh I) of the great Mughal emperor Akbar.

3. In the late 1700's a famine killed almost all residents and the survivors moved to other places and thus it was deserted and became a ghost town.

4. Actually it became a real "ghost town" since the locals now believe the whole place is haunted.

5. Some say that a sage or religious man named Guru Balu Nath had a small living area(hut) nearby the palace and said that the height of the palace should not be raised such that its shadow might fall on the hut. A descendant of the ruling family actually increased the height of the palace and this made its shadow to fall on the hut and thus Balu Nath's curse came true and the place was haunted by spirits.

6. Some also say that a tantrik(Indian witch doctor who dabbles in black magic) cursed the place after the princess who he had cast his eyes on, rejected him and was the cause of his death.

7. Nowadays people hear strange sounds, light and see figures moving around at night near the fort.
Many have reported supernatural activity near the fort and I will not be surprised if some scientific community has not already done research here.

8. Among the scary incidents reported (After 6 PM):-
     a. Real scary female screaming is heard(The princess?)
     b. Loud maniacal laughter(Tantrik or the baba?)
     c. Lights going on and off
     d. Sudden loud wind and dust storms occurring all of a sudden.
     e. Ghostly figures and shadows moving around.

9. Many have also reported the feeling of horror and dread near the ruins even in the day time. Some passages are dark without light and it is scary to even think of going inside.

10. The ASI says that the "official" reason for the warning is that wild animals could be present after 6 PM and since the area is not well lit, the place may also present a  safety issue.
But ASI who are you kidding, we all know very well why you have out that notice.

11. Local legends speak of so many brave men who tried to go here at night and never returned!!!

12. Bhangarh is so scary and has a such a reputation of being haunted, it always turns up in the list of most haunted places in the world!

Check this list out and see what distinguished company Bhangarh has!!!

I will surely visit this place and try to be here after sunset....But remember most people try to check out haunted places at night in groups...Remember the true test of a haunted place is going ALONE!!!

Be sure to take a video camera though...So that if you do not return, then we can at least see what killed you.

More on Bhangarh in a later post. For now please comment if you have anything to add to this.

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  1. Good luck and let us know :)

  2. yeah me and my friends now definately visit it

  3. I will also go there with my friends and stay there after sunset....

  4. There is nothing paranormal. I have visited there more then 50 times. Mostly in the night. And at amavasya also many times but havent seen any thing fishy there and neither my friends did. Yaa but there are lot of animals there. As it is adjacent to a wild life reserve. I have visited all the places there like basements n rooms. And to the tantrik gufa which is on the hill (as people say) in the night

  5. But still havent seen anything paranormal over there.