Sunday, August 21, 2011

Different types of ghosts in India - Part 2

Dear readers, here is part-2 of the different types of ghosts in India. I will soon begin explaining them in more details.

Part -1 (one of the most viewed post in this blog) can be found here.

Pretas are the roaming ghosts of Hindu men who died by violence and whose corpses were disposed of "unceremoniously."

Mumiai is a Indian poltergeist that invades homes throughout Bombay.

Virikas are small spirits that appear surrounded by a reddish mist and make guttural sounds.

Bhoot - A Common Ghost and a departed ancestor (who has not become a ghost) are on the same level with regards to their spiritual strength. The main difference is that a departed ancestor troubles his descendants making use of his give and take account with them, while a ghost troubles any human being, using its black energy regardless of them being their descendants.

Hadal(Female Goblin) - They have a strong odour around them, like that of a rotten egg.
Generally, they affect the person without possessing him or her, i.e. they do not enter the body of an individual.Their main job is to provide material required for doing black magic, for example bones, skulls etc. to the sorcerers (māntriks) for their rituals, by digging out bodies in the cemetery.

Penchapechi (found in Bengal): An unusual form of ghost, the Penchapechi take the form of owls and hunt in the Bengali forests. The ghost follows hapless travelers through the woods until they are completely alone before it strikes. Unlike other ghosts, the Penchapechi actually consumes its victims, feeding on their body in an almost vampiric way.

Chetkin(Witch): A foul smell is associated with the presence of Witches (Chetkins).People possessed by Witches (Chetkins) when manifest laugh continuously.They are skilled in assuming various forms.They enter a person's body and cause accidents. They then take control of subtle bodies of these people to get them to work for them. They also train them in performing rituals to harness black energy.They are capable of taking complete control of a house and can then devastate the entire family living there.


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