Sunday, January 9, 2011

Why ARE thousands of birds falling from the sky? 2012 effect?

This is a really frightening but true occurence. It is straight out of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds".

There is talk of secret ­government experiments with death rays, ­collisions with UFOs, a demag­netised Earth’s core — and even the Second Coming of Christ.

It’s not the first occasion that America has been well and truly spooked by a series of bizarre occurrences, but is there reason to be worried this time?

The fish died first, with an estimated 85,000 ­carnivorous drum fish being washed up along a 17-mile stretch of the Arkansas River last Thursday. Local experts could not recall a time when so many had died so suddenly and, because it was confined to just one ­species, blamed disease.

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Is this a precursor to the supposed end of the word in 2012? Birds and Animals have heightened senses of premonitions according to scientific research. Birds and Animals have been known to be agitated long before some horrible natural disaster strikes.

Or is this just a random case of coincidences? But how can this explain mysterious bird and animal related phenomenon happening the world over? These things are happening across vast geographical distances(United States to New Zealand - Refer to map above) for us to relate it to any kind of naturally occurring causes. Is there something else at work here? Something more deadly and sinister?

What could be the other causes of such behavior?

1. Experimental weapon testing: In the past, scientists have warned that experiments with "Death ray" guns - weapons which use a directed beam of energy could be interfering with the flight paths of birds. Could this have happened here. Then there is the top secret HAARP project of the US government. This is a top secret weapon which primarily uses elements from nature to create artificial atmospheric conditions to create disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis. The existence of such a project is officially denied. But fact is often stranger than fiction.

2. Nibiru is approaching us: Nibiru is considered to be a rogue planet which is supposed to be on an intercept course with Earth. When it approaches Earth in 2012, the resulting gravitational disruption will totally destroy Earth or so the 2012 end of the world theorists say.
What if this is really true and the effects of that approaching rogue planet is already being felt by these birds?

Scientists say that there cannot be any such planet out there and that by now we should have seen it. Yet the believers say that the governments know about this planet and are hiding this information from the public.

3. UFO activity/ALIENS: Are alien ships responsible for this. Who knows what kind of energy they output which is disrupting the directional sense of these birds/fish? Or is this some kind of mass experiment? Is this the beginning of an alien invasion? First the birds, fish, then the animals and finally the HUMANS!!!

4. The Earth's core has slowed down: The revolving Earth's core maintains life on the Earth. Is this slowing down? The premise of the film "2012" was that the Earth's core was slowing down. Are these birds and fishes sensing this already?

Remember that the fast rotation of the core provides the magnetosphere around Earth which repels harmful solar radiation and protects life on this planet. Without this protection, all life could vanish in an instant.

5. Religious beliefs: Many religious members perceive such phenomenon from the context of their dogma such as the second coming of Christ etc...

These are a few of the supernatural/paranormal theories for these bizarre and mysterious phenomenon. Of course there could be a valid scientific explanation.

But as 2012 comes nearer, such incidents are bound to make people think twice. Is 2012 really the end?



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  2. Thanks for the link Santhosh. I had read this earlier. It is amazing to see NASA respond to this. Usually they steer clear of such things but the resulting circumstances have forced them to come up with explanations.