Monday, August 23, 2010

Jackson compound haunted by Ghosts

Cant get enough of the Jacksons and ghosts can we?

This article appeared recently.

Jermaine Jackson has spoken out about his family's darkest secret - the clan's famous compound in Encino, California is haunted by ghosts.

The singer has revealed the estate was built on an Indian burial ground and he has encountered many spooks there over the years.

His spooky tale is featured on TV show Celebrity Ghost Stories on Saturday night.

Jackson reveals ghosts have been spotted roaming the grounds of the estate and he once awoke to find two in his bedroom, when he was a child.

He recalls, "I opened my eyes and there were two older people."

And he insists the spooks weren't fun spirits: "They were angry, evil. You could feel the presence."

Jackson recalls sharing the details of his ghostly encounter with his mother, Katherine, who told him the ghosts were "demons".

He recalls, "She said, 'It's something that's gonna be in me for the rest of my life.'"

Most of the stuff in this story seems cliched especially the part about the Indian burial ground.

Could this be real and not a figment of his imagination?

Read further and decide for yourselves!!!

JERMAINE JACKSON can't sleep with the lights out after a spooky encounter with ghosts at the family's Encino, California compound left him terrified of the dark.

The Do What You Do singer told all about the Jackson family's haunted history during a recent taping of U.S. TV show Celebrity Ghost Stories, revealing the estate that became his home in 1968 was built on Indian burial grounds and attracted all manner of spirits.

And Jackson was left spooked late one night when two evil ghosts visited him in the bedroom he shared with brother Marlon.

He claims the elderly ghosts picked on him at a time he was exhausted and stressed following a long day in the studio with the Jackson 5.

He says, "I felt very frightened... I think they picked a time when you're weak. I was very very tired and very sleepy and that was the moment for them, so I gave them the opportunity to come and visit me.

"From that point on I never slept with the lights out. To this day I sleep with the lights on."

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